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We want to recycle your worn out clothing :~)

Textile waste! we know it's a problem and we know it's a growing one, and we want to make it easier for you to do something about it!

In New Zealand, textile waste accounts for 5% of waste going to landfill, that's like 158 tonnes, or over 36 kg per person per year. Eeek

But you can help us help to reduce these numbers, every little bit counts right!

How it works

Just purchase a bag below and we will send you a pre paid postage satchel to fill and return to us.

The $15 fee helps to cover the cost of shipping, but for each bag you fill but you will earn a $15 NVV WORLD.

How is the clothing used?

Our creative studio is shared by a range of sustainable practitioners! Once sorted the clothing will be used as textiles to create and embellish  new garments or to repair old ones including in our community repair workshops.

Any left over scraps are shredded to make cushion fill.

What can you send us?

Please be aware we are not a textile recycling facility, this is an initiative set up along side our creative practices to help minimise waste as best we can through textile recycling.


We can accept garments which are ripped or stained that can't be resold through charity op shops! We do encourage you to donate items in good sellable condition :)


Although we do our best but unfortunately we cant recycle all items! Keep in mind these textile will most likely become new garments and use your best judgement. Check the list below for fabrics we are most interested in currently, or email us at if you are unsure of any items you are unsure about sending.

we love:




Business shirts

Stockings and tights

Natural fibres

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