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The Flirty Flowers Chain hoops are fun, and of course, flirty. Each flower is made individually giving each flower its' own independent quirks. 

The flowers are made from 100% recycled sterling silver and come with sterling silver 10mm hoops.


    Stephanie Grace Symington (SGS) is a jeweller and artist based in Melbourne. She began practicing jewellery in 2017 while completing a Bachelors of Fine Art at RMIT, where she experimented with turning small sculptural and tactile works into statement pieces. 


    Coming from a background in sculpture, Steph’s art was influenced by themes of nostalgia, which led her to produce delicate floor-based installations and hand-painted plaster shells while she completed her Honours in Fine Art in 2018. Steph began producing precious metals into her work, and created small sculptures in sterling silver and bronze. The initial process of casting objects with precious metals used is the same technique she uses for making jewellery today. 


    After a foray into fine art and early childhood teaching, Steph became devoted to jewellery making during lockdown last year when she rebranded herself as SGS. She has since completed a Certificate II in Jewellery Engineering at Melbourne Polytechnic. 


    Steph specialises in made to order, everyday-statement pieces produced sustainably with responsibly sourced materials and lab-grown gemstones for a minimal environmental footprint. Crafted lovingly by hand from her Clifton Hill studio, each piece is intimate and tactile, with personality and character that can fit comfortably into any formal or casual setting. 


    Her work takes inspiration from traditional jewellery styles, with its hand-crafted techniques giving it a contemporary edge. Steph’s hugely popular Flirty flower collection models her love of interweaving the organic process of jewellery making and drawing from her natural environment with more classical styles of craft. Many of her unique pieces pop with dashes of colour from lab-grown gemstones. 


    Each item is entirely unique.

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